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Chapter Two of Rescued!! Coming Oct 8th

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Chapter Two


I open the door and then turn back to Kelly. “I’ll see you around.”

“That’s it?” The busty blonde crosses her arms over her chest.

This happens more often than not. I make it clear to these women that I’ll go home with them, I’ll fuck them, but then I’ll leave and we don’t do this again—well, I don’t usually go back for seconds, but sometimes I do.

They always agree, but that changes quickly the moment I try to take my leave. “Yeah babe, I told you I don’t stay. You agreed.”

“I thought I could change your mind.” She pouts.

“Well see, that’s not my fault, is it?” I step out into the night and climb onto my bike and head home. A short drive later, I pull my bike into my driveway and shut it off. I dig my keys out of my leather jacket and let myself inside.

I bought this house about a week after I moved to Sunnyville, two years ago. It’s a craftsman style home with a nice-sized porch. It was a little beat up when I bought it, but I got to fix it up how I wanted.

The outside is a mixture of gray siding, white trim and pillars and the bottom portion is all red brick. I let myself inside and my yellow lab Butch comes trotting over to me. “Hey boy.” I scratch behind his ear. “Let’s go outside.”

I take him out back and let him do his business. We play catch for a few minutes before we head inside. I lock up and then jump in the shower really quick. When I’m done, I walk into my room where Butch is already sprawled out on his half of the bed.

Damn dog is spoiled rotten. I’m exhausted because even though the night ended with Kelly getting attitude, the fucking was still phenomenal, and in no time I fall asleep.


I pull into the parking lot of the Sunnyville Police Department. I’ve been an officer with them since I transferred here from the Oakland PD two years ago. I’d been involved in a domestic disturbance call that ended with me getting shot. After that, I wanted to work somewhere smaller than a huge city.

The change was an adjustment, but my boss, Grant Malone, chief of police is a great man to work for. He’s a highly decorated officer himself and takes care of the officers and detectives below him.

Today is our monthly meeting, which is basically a chance for us to bring up things we have concerns about or suggestions we might have. I climb out of my patrol SUV and head inside.

My best friend Troy stands just inside the door. “What’s up, brother?” We pound fists and then head toward the back to the conference room.

“Not much, went to Kelly’s last night. It was fucking great and then she pouted when I went to leave. Same shit, different day.”

He throws his head back and laughs. “You poor baby. It must be so hard to have women throw themselves at you.”

I’m aware that I have a bit of a reputation, but fuck it—I don’t have to answer to anyone. I’m single, so it’s not like I’m cheating on someone. I like pussy and I prefer variety. “I can’t help it that I’m better looking than you.” Of course women are all over him too. They see us in uniform and immediately get horny.

Troy punches my shoulder before we grab a cup of coffee and take our seats. At nine on the dot, Chief Malone comes walking in.

“Good morning, everyone. Happy Friday. Before we get down to business, I want to invite you all to my home tomorrow night. My daughter, Gwen, is home from her latest globetrotting adventure and we’re having a welcome home party. I’d love to see you all there and introduce anyone to her that hasn’t met her.”

Troy leans in. “Do you want to go?”

“Sure. Mrs. Malone is a phenomenal cook,” I tell him.

Grant stands in front of the whiteboard. “Now let’s get down to business.”


I climb off my bike and wait for Troy to climb off his. We walk around the side of the house into the back yard that is full of people. We spot Grant’s old partner and best friend Nate and make our way across the yard.

“What’s up, Detective?” Troy says as we reach him.

“If it isn’t double trouble, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you.” He holds out a couple of beers for us. I’ll drink this one and possibly one more before we head out.

“Har har… you’re just jealous, old man,” I tell him. Of course that’s not the case because he’s happily married and has a couple of great kids.

I scan the back yard and spot Chief Malone and his wife. She’s a babe, that’s for sure. I have seen pictures of their kids, but I’ve only seen their son in person. I take a drink of my beer and look around the back yard. I freeze when my eyes land on the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

She’s got red hair that looks almost pink that hangs down her back. Her body is lean and she’s got nice tits—it’s all highlighted by a pink and tan paisley dress that hits her mid-thigh. Her feet are bare and I can see her toe ring from here.

Her eyes meet mine and I’m a little freaked out by my body’s reaction to her. She licks her lips. I start walking toward her. What the fuck are you doing? I ask myself.

“Gwen?” I turn to find Chief Malone smiling at the girl, but then scowling at me. “Maverick, meet my daughter, Gwen. Sweetheart, this is Maverick, one of my officers.”

She smiles up at me and I swear my dick twitches behind my zipper. “Maverick, huh? Were your parents fans of Top Gun?”

“Yeah… sure.” I know I’m being a dick, but what better way to get her to stay away from me. “Uh… it was nice meeting you,” I say to her and turn to Chief. “Boss, thanks for the invite.” I slap him on the shoulder before I turn and walk away from her. I feel her eyes on me on the way back.

I stand next to Troy and I watch Gwen and her dad talk. Of course he’s her father… my boss. She is sexy as fuck, and now she is on my, don’t go there list.

We stay long enough to eat a burger and some side dishes and for me to watch Gwen like a creepy stalker. Thanks to my cop skills, I’ve learned that she’s a travel vlogger—she’s got her own website and YouTube channel. Two things I’ll check out when I’m alone later—see, I’m a total creep.

I toss my empty beer bottle into the trash and make my way over to my boss. He turns toward me. “Hey Chief, we’re taking off but wanted to thank you for having us.”

Troy comes to stand next to me. “Yeah, thanks, boss.”

I spot Gwen over with a group of people that all seem to be around her age. She looks up, catching me watching her, but instead of giving her anything, I turn and walk away.

Out front, I climb on my bike. “I need to get laid,” I say, looking at Troy.

“You and me both, brother,” Troy says before we start up our bikes and take off.

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