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Free Books and a giveaway!

📚Goodbye Summer, Hello Romance!📚


September 5th-8th

You deserve it, so one click away!

Check out all the books here—>

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💋 Evan Grace

Broken Souls:

💋Freya Barker

Keeping 6:

💋Krista Sandor

The Sound of Home:

💋Savannah Stewart

Graceful Scars:

💋KL Donn

Once Upon A Time:

💋Anna Brooks

Prove Me Right:

💋Erika Kelly

The World's Worst Boyfriend:

💋Alex Grayson

Trouble in Hell:

💋Kara Liane

Playing Heart to Get:

💋Lisa B. Kamps

Playing The Game:

💋Xavier Neal


💋Jami Denise

The Man in Black:

💋Vicki Green

Noble's Song:

💋T. L. Anderson

Shattered Fate:

💋Colleen Charles

The Slot:

💋Kim Congram

On Edge:

💋Nicole S. Goodin

Mr. January:

💋Lane Martin

Even Strength:

💋Fiona Davenport

Baby, You're Mine:

💋Amy Briggs

Fired Up:

💋Rachael Brownell

Rumors: Emerson and Ryder:

Enter Giveaway Here —>

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